Jeana keough who is she dating

06-May-2016 11:17

However, she refuses to share a lot about Matt and about the failed marriage.The relationship between her children and Matt is also not known to public.The level of intimacy between her boyfriend and her has been discussed a lot in the reality show.

There is no news about any wedding bells in the near future. It is said that after her three children started to make their own life, she is left in a large home, all alone. There are no details to whether she is still living with him or not. She appeared in many Playboy magazines and is still making some promotional appearances for the magazine.

The boyfriend’s name has been kept as a secret, even during the reality show. She along with Kymberly Herrin, her fellow model of Playboy have made many music videos like Sleeping bag, Gimme all Your Loving and others.

She talks a lot about her children and their careers.

She is a little excited about her new grandson too.

She also starred in many TV series in small roles like Pink Lady, The A Team, Cheers and others.

In 2006, she was casted in The Real Housewives of Orange County.