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" And he said "They think that you’re stuck up because you think you can come from the movies and then come here and play football." Eventually I became a pretty good player and became friends with everybody and it was a whole different experience.After I survived the first couple of weeks, they respected me for that and they all nicknamed me Chunk.''He would say, in his big booming voice "Hey Kid, What do you want to do?The cast, which included Josh Brolin as Brand, Corey Feldman as Mouth, Sean Astin as Mikey, and Ke Huy Quan as Data, filmed in Astoria, Oregon, the Warner Bros studios in Los Angeles, and Bodega Bay in Northern California. 'For me, the best part about it was Richard Donner the director.He was big on letting the kids be kids and I think that’s one of the reasons the movie stands up today.'The UC Berkeley grad continued: 'People still watch the movie themselves or watch it with their own kids.

But with pride of place, above a stocked bar area in his office and next to a Donkey Kong arcade, is a pop art portrait of Chunk, lifting up his Hawaiian shirt during his now-famous truffle shuffle move. I’m usually only the fifth most famous person in the room at any one time.'Describing himself as 'goofy, chubby and something of a clown,' the LA native had small parts in US television shows like Webster, The Facts of Life, and Family Ties before landing the role of Chunk in The Goonies when he was just 10. ' Jeff's overweight, emotional character was famous for telling tall tales, hating nature, and performing a 'truffle shuffle' move while lifting his Hawaiian shirt in the Portland-set family flick Asked whether he ever worried that his child star past would make potential clients take him less seriously, he said: 'My clients get a kick out of the fact their lawyer is Chunk. With my job, I’m dealing with legitimately famous people, so it’s just silly and fun.