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09-Jan-2016 14:50

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And it can be a severe career crippler for big names embroiled in contract disputes, as George Michael and Kesha have learned.So imagine the what it must be like to the singer Jo Jo right now. And to be speaking out, with the fearlessness of a show business veteran, of the dark underside of teen fame.Luke called her a “fat f__king refrigerator” and that earlier in her career she developed an eating disorder.

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A second album and another hit single followed, and acting gigs in the films “Aquamarine” and “RV.” She was for a time part of an overlapping wave of teen stars that included “Hannah Montana” era Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts and the Jonas Brothers. She did some other acting gigs, released a few singles, did some touring. And she sued her former label, claiming the contract she signed when she was a child had done “irreparable damage to her professional career.”Now, a decade after her last studio album, she’s returning with a new album in October.

Meanwhile, her new single, “F__k Apologies,” featuring Wiz Khalifa, dropped on Thursday, and she’s started at the opening act on tour for Fifth Harmony.