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Especially if that man bun happens to be atop the gorgeous heads of Harry Styles, Jared Leto, Brad Pitt, and Zayn Malik! Related: Julia Roberts Reveals Why She Will NEVER Be In We really love man buns — the hair kind and the other kind, AKA, butts! This particular gallery focuses on hair-related man buns, which can sometimes be just as sexy as a muscular booty! The actress recreated a shot-for-shot scene paying homage to her own mommie dearest Janet Leigh, who was famously butchered in the shower in Alfred Hitchcock's horror masterpiece! The Red Devil seemingly caught Dean Munsch in a vulnerable position, but drew back the curtain to [SPOILERS] find the Dean was gone!CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Sexy Men With Even Sexier Man Buns!See what he has to say about the HIGHlarious Golden Globes host (below)!!

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Also starring alongside Joaquin in the drama/thriller are Alessandro Nivola, Alex Manette, and Ekaterina Samsonov." CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Sexy Men With Even Sexier Man Buns!" CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Sexy Men With Even Sexier Man Buns! [ Related: This Is The Last Year Tina Fey & Amy Will Host The Golden Globes ] It's okay, Joaquin, EVERYBODY has a crush on Amy — how could you not love that silly lady?!Then he went on Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan's show and told everyone he was just joking?

Well, it looks like his interviews aren't getting any less weird and we LOVE it!

[ Photos: on Thursday, January 8th, and he convinced the host to hop into bed with him! During the interview the pair literally got into bed to finish talking to one another and it was absolutely HIGHlarious! On Tuesday, the actor revealed his joke while on starlet took to her beloved Snapchat in order to confirm that she is NOT the lead singer of Terror Jr. As you may recall, the reality TV vet brought the pop trio into the spotlight when she used the group's song in a promotional video for her lip kits back in March.

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Cause, I mean, I could do another drink…should we do one more round? An hour and a half into the date, you realize you’re having — not strained, “This date is going well so far” acceptability, but an actual good time. Your coffee date takes an unexpected turn when your date realizes you’re just around the corner from their favorite record store/sticky bun store/second hand book shop/bar, which they insist “you to make sure you got home okay/tell you he had a great time. She touches your arm, brushes your leg, hooks her elbow through yours while walking, holds your hand, or kisses you. You make references to a movie or concert you both really want to see, a museum you’ve been meaning to check out, or a bar that recently opened. If you stay on one conversation topic for a long time, it’s because you find the conversation to be genuinely interesting, and random topic. You both take turns asking each other questions, beyond the perfunctory “What do you do/Where did you grow up/What do you watch on TV” questions. (If she wasn’t interested in you or thought the date was ending soon, she probably wouldn’t bother.) 15.… continue reading »

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At first things were uncomfortable between the two stars, who broke off their relationship in 2009, as Jerry, 32, kept apologizing to Jamie-Lynn, 30.… continue reading »

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