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23-Mar-2016 01:35

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Echoing the theme of the show and its protagonists she added: 'It's my time to do what I want and get back to the business I was in before I met him and married him.I was somebody before him and I'm somebody now.'Quick with a joke and boisterous when fooling around with her 'partner in crime' and assistant Tony, Andrea is comfortable admitting that she found the prospect of moving away a nerve-wracking prospect.

But, for as utterly useless as Canseco has proven to be most of the time, he is—on occasion—unintentionally hilarious.On Thursday afternoon, Canseco—for whatever reason—decided to swing by Reddit for an AMA.Jose Canseco—former Major League Baseball slugger, noted snitch, and attempted MMA fighter—is currently most notable when he's being an idiot on Twitter.Seriously, you wouldn't believe half of the crap that comes from his account.

So, all of his responses should come handcuffed to an entire salt mine.Um, a big fat "[sic]" throughout because Canseco is hardly literate for a man that's written a book.