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And I want you to talk to each other – whispering, of course, because you don’t want anybody else to hear the answers – and here is ...you are going to get three questions, and then we are going to move on and work with another team. Speed dating helps with the social wellbeing of the pupil, because they have to work with others in the class that they perhaps are not normally prepared to work with, and also it has learning aspects as well, that the quizzes can be about culture and heritage, it can also be on translating text, on vocabulary recall, so it has a dual purpose.And when each appointment has been filled they then go back to their seat.Then at random I will say now go and find your 3pm partner and then off they go, sit together, and then I will ask them to answer some quick quiz questions, or some other activity.It has to be fairly quick, they talk about what they are doing, they are sharing ideas, and then time is up and then I say, right, now go to your 4pm partner, and then they have to do another activity.So it is working with people they don’t normally work with, and hopefully encouraging learning in each other, encouraging confidence in each other, and improving their social wellbeing too.Pupil 1: I like that activity because you get to work with people that you wouldn’t normally work with, and it is totally random, so you won’t know you are going to be with n ext.When every appointment has been made go back to your own seat. When the pupils do speed dating they are each given an appointment card with time slots from 9am to 4pm.

So if I wanted to make an appointment with you – don’t do it yet – then you would write my name down at nine O’clock, and she would write your name down at nine O’clock.And this requires us getting up out of our seats, going around and making appointments.Right, now Latin, of course, is not just about words, it is learning about the Romans as well.So we are now going to do a quick revision quiz, in pairs, about the Romans.

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Jennifer Shearer the principal teacher of Classics at Kirkcaldy High School explains about the learning technique of speed dating where the pupils work with different partners on quizzes, translations, and vocabulary revisions.

Teacher: So find somebody at nine O’clock, at ten O’clock, at eleven O’clock, at midday, at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm.