Kaci brown dating

03-Sep-2015 00:35

I lived outside of my comfort zone, made friends (and lost a few), learned how to say ‘no,’ and challenged myself to stay grounded through both praise and criticism.

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“Season 1 was about adult lesbian professionals dealing with love, work, family….life,” she said.

“I am also grateful that I have the memory of this experience forever.

“We are great friends and have an online radio show we do, on LA Talk Live. I also keep in touch with Whitney and Sara as well. You went through an unusual experience and create a bond. They know my family, come over to see my mom, and have been there through good and bad times. New hair style, wearing a tailored suit, and was super sweet.

Everyone else in the cast has sort of drifted for me. She and I had a 15 year friendship, but life does get in the way.

I am super cool with all of the cast from season 3.

Kiyomi and I occasionally do appearances together and we always have a kick ass time.”Rose said she has no regrets about the show and is proud to be a part of the first season.