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It would be easy to make Pine look like a fantasist, a dogsbody in some foreign hotel whose colleagues sneer when he hints at his past in special forces.Worse, he could look like a cheap hypocrite, who will suck up any humiliation in return for a bigger tip.But this is the world of le Carre, the man who wrote Tinker, Tailor, and so all the exotic locations in Egypt and Switzerland connect back to London, with its cold offices where the lifts are always broken.And because le Carre is a traditionalist, the plot might touch on international politics and digital eavesdropping (like modern spy thrillers The Honourable Woman and Homeland), but it’s really an old-fashioned tale of a hero and a damsel in distress. with Emilia Fox from Silent Witness and Kevin Whately from Lewis as the detectives.Suspects in the assassination of the chubby impresario include David Walliams, Louis Walsh and just about everyone else who has ever been a judge on a Cowell talent contest . But the puzzle is why, instead of launching it straight away, Ant and Dec wasted time with tired segments including a fancy-dress race (they charged around a maze, dressed as characters from Pacman) and a frankly creepy feature where two parents followed their grown-up daughter on her gap-year round the world, spying on her but never once saying hello.

He breezes into embassies and hands over stolen documents as if espionage were as normal a part of his duties as inspecting the timesheets.But he is also a servant, who must pour the coffee and smile when boorish guests insult him.If a playboy snaps his fingers or a fat tourist treats him like a doormat, Pine’s polished exterior cannot betray an emotion.For an actor, that’s a difficult character to play.

The man who lures him back is arms dealer Hugh Laurie, exchanging his usual ironic drawl for a clipped, sadistic delivery — the voice of a man who tormented his juniors at school and never lost the taste.Both Laurie and Hiddleston went to Eton, where they doubtless knew the type.

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Michael Huyghue (68), Michael Vick (13), New USFL (3), New York (33), New York Sentinels (6), NFL (5), Orlando (33), Paul Pelosi (5), San Francisco (31), Ted Cottrell (20), Tim Armstrong (6), UFL (265), (164), UNGL (1) ...… continue reading »

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