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She saying she doesnt care about the standards society wants to place on her or what people are gonna call her for doing it.And I have to say aswell, this is exactly WHY she does videos like in 'Dirrty'.Not saying if man can act like sluts and be praised for it (this does happen) then so should women.

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It just needed a 21st century treatment to it, which thankfully, Christina gave it.

I think she probably should have been encouraging both men and women to take some responsibility for their sexual actions.

The first single was "Put It Down" (produced by Timbaland) with additional vocals by DJ Kool.

The album had been delayed numerous times by Def Jam and Redman himself, with early promotion dating back to Ghostface Killah's 2004 album, The Pretty Toney Album.

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Re-asserting the message that women ARE still treated like second class citizens all over the world!" Fortunately, she managed to change her image and come out with a new album (Back to Basics) that were both for the better!