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13-Jun-2016 18:58

It was used for over 300 years, with the oldest tombstone (belonging to Avigdor Karo) dating from 1439.

This cemetery was one of the old Jewish cemeteries to have survived the Second World War, as orders from the Nazi regime were given to spare it so that a museum could be erected at the end of the war.

It is also the land of the Queen of Sheba, a place of legendary rulers, fabulous kingdoms and Passion mysteries.

old beyond imagination, dating back to the very beginnings of mankind.

With more than 80 languages ands some 200 dialects, each ethnic group, preserves its own unique customs, tradition, and costumes.

Some of the more impressive graves include those of Mordechai Maisel, a famous Jewish leader, and Rabbi Loew who is associated with the legend of the Golem.

Entrance to the Old Jewish Cemetery is only available with a ticket to the Jewish Museum.

Even though the cemetery is not large, over 100,000 people are buried here in an area only suitable for 12,000.At the time, it was against the law for Jews to bury their dead outside of the ghetto limits, so graves ended up being built on top of each other in layers to make room for the next generation.

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