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07-Mar-2016 19:22

The crucible and the cradled – two Ukraines Envision Ukrainian girls from two different regions in Ukraine. The first vision of Ukraine Imagine something out of a science fiction movie (like Blade Runner or a post apocolytic Hunger Games region), a gray retro industrial cityscape, where there are a 50,000 people in the town, engaged in working at one primary industry, like Nickel smelting.

Large toxic clouds spurt out from enormous smoke stacks to further dim out the sun.

Most websites talk blah, blah about the virtues of Ukrainian women to sell you. Anything written here should not be construed as negative.

I am here to tell it like it is, so you can consider cultural factors in determining your where you want to go fishing for your forever bride. Rather, I am clearly partial towards Ukrainian culture and language and traditional Bible based morals, over Soviet or Russified Ukrainian society.

My firsthand experience with Ukraine I am Ukrainian. There are seven regions in Ukraine that is relevant to your search for love.

The inhabitant of this purgatory just dream of eating nectarines in Crimea.

The women join foreign dating services in hoping to escape or increase their financial situation.

Most buildings are grayish, the apartments are 35 square meters and blocky looking.

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Every 30 seconds or so the sky is illuminated by large flames, like solar flares, that shoot out from these post-Soviet metallurgy monstrosities.

People there go to solariums wearing funny eye protection wear, just to get some vitamin D.

Perhaps the above is a slight exaggeration but it paints a picture how different the regions of Ukraine are.

Any guy that says “I want to date a girl from Ukraine”, I ask where?

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The purpose of this post is to give you the definite guide to Ukrainian girls like no other on the Internet.