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Matchim said an investigation by the RCMP and two subsequent reviews concluded that charges were not appropriate. The lawyer said a new lead investigator was then appointed and suddenly is client found himself facing a charge.

He said Wednesday's verdict is ultimate vindication for his client."This tragedy took a tremendous toll on him.

The python escaped by travelling through a ventilation duct and dropping into the living room where the boys slept.

A pathologist who performed autopsies on the boys said they died of asphyxiation and each was covered in puncture wounds from snake bites.

A number of witnesses testified during Savoie's trial that it was common to see the cover of the vent on the enclosure's floor, and the court heard the snake nearly escaped a matter of weeks before the boys' death, but got stuck in the ventilation pipe.

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The boys had spent the day of the sleepover petting animals and playing at a farm owned by Savoie's father.Bob Johnson, the now-retired former curator of reptiles and amphibians at the Toronto Zoo, testified at Savoie's trial that snakes become more aggressive when they detect possible sources of food — and an attack would have been unlikely had there been no animal smells on the boys."Those boys could have been a stimulant to that snake," he said.