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She reminded her daughter often about her love of children. When Elsa’s eyesight began to fail, Nora-Leigh reluctantly took over the teaching duties in Steamboat Bend.Teaching the children, advising them, guiding them.She began teaching when she was just a girl herself and after six years, she was weary of the monotony and longed for a life of her own.In addition, you deserve honesty regarding the most timely and cost-effective ways to achieve a desired result in order to prevent unnecessary stress, particularly to children that may be involved.City of Nome Homepage Visit Nome Alaska Nome Nugget Newspaper Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Iron Dog Snowmachine Race State of Alaska Homepage Bed & Breakfast Association of Alaska Kawerak, Inc.She rolled her eyes heavenward and prayed God would forgive her for the terrible, selfish thought. It seemed as if each day she spent in the classroom, life passed her by, and her own dreams drifted away like the feathery wisps off a cottonwood tree.Day in, day out, year in, year out, her life grew more tedious.

From beneath the brim of her straw hat, she looked out over the sun-dappled schoolyard at her brood, an even dozen boys and girls, playing, laughing, and chasing each other.

She wondered if something was missing inside of her.

I approach family law with tireless dedication to addressing my client’s needs and concerns.

Phone calls and emails must be returned promptly and meetings scheduled when most convenient for you.

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CHAPTER 1 Steamboat Bend, Montana Spring, 1886 She hated children.Nora-Leigh Dillon winced when the horrible notion crossed her mind as she stood in the sunny schoolyard watching the children play their silly games. She simply hated teaching, and children were an unfortunate aspect of the teaching profession.