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01-Oct-2015 05:47

In the case of Olivia’s video that talks about how her relationship with JUSTKIDDINGFILMS ended, it clearly hurt a lot of people.The video discusses how Olivia felt that she deserved compensation for all those hours that she worked for the people that she once called family and friends.Was it during her relationship with Joe or after they broke up?It’s so convenient that after their relationship ended, she suddenly had major concerns about not being paid. The house was a shared house between a lot of JKF crew, so implying that it was only her house is just wrong. If she really wanted to take care of this in a professional manner, she wouldn’t have involved the public.She also said that she raised the concern to upper management, but they acted aggressively and then, fired her.Whatever we know, we know because those are the details that she chose to share. Words mean something, and when they are sewn together, they create either something magical or something that can hurt.

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Sometimes, it just means that the respect is still there, and they would rather not publicly shame a former member of the family. Their first song together was a cover of and that was in November. Let’s now go to today: Daniel and Olivia are already dating.

Isn’t it also convenient that this went out AFTER Daniel and Olivia failed miserably on a talent show? The video that Olivia put up also seems to imply that JKF is earning millions of dollars per video which is NOT THE CASE.

A majority of the people who watched that video wouldn’t have known about it if Joe didn’t comment and liked and shared that video. Now, we all know that by November and January, Joe and Olivia were still together because we saw videos. Their website also says, and I quote “Additionally, they almost immediately realized they both wanted to be more than just friends, and started dating shortly after they met.

Together, in 2014, they quit their jobs to pursue music full-time and participate in a major network television show.”So here’s a question that needs to be raised: when did she raise the concern to upper management.

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Wasn’t it because she really wasn’t an intern as she so conveniently insists, but a loving girlfriend who supported her boyfriend? It is also very untrue to say that she will find a crew there without her knowledge. If she just wanted to get paid, she should’ve lawyered up and sued, not vlogged about it and acted as if she was the victim. She may say that the only reason that she went public about it is because she believes she owes her fans an explanation, that’s just bullshit.

If she was really working for the company, she would receive a copy of the script and KNOW WHERE THE SKIT WILL BE SHOT. If she also was really not okay with her house being a shoot location, then how come she never said anything about it? One, she doesn’t owe the fans CONFIDENTIAL information. If she wanted to give back to the fans, she should’ve sung her heart out in a video instead of saying bad things about a company and a group of people who treated her dearly.4.