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23-Feb-2016 20:28

Re Gluten free lasagna noodles: Catelli has come out with gluten free…they work great. Reply Cashew cheese has been rocking my world lately – especially with homemade ravioli! Come on, we’re talkin cashew cheese, and lasagna, can’t get any better then that! The basil cashew cheeze sauce sounds like something I’d definitely use as a spread and dip for everything – a bit like hummus! Reply Angela- I was “re” introduced to your blog last night from a friend that brought a recipe of yours to my potluck yesterday. I’ve been looking for an alternative and this may be it! When I use jarred marinara sauce I typically heat it in a pan and add some flavor to it like garlic, red pepper flakes, sauteed onions, etc. Reply I have a killer pumpkin sage lasagna I used to make for a restaurant I worked in.. I am so intrigued by using cashews in place of dairy, but I still haven’t tried it. Lasagna was one of the first things I learned to cook as a young adult living on my own, and I too was impressed with how much easier it was to make than I thought it would be. Good on you for trying it for the first time :) Reply Wow you guys have a keen eye! But mine was not nearly as pretty or creative as yours…and not as cheesy.However a tip if I may…is proir to use…layer them on a cookie sheet…pour boiling water over top…let them soak for 15 to 20 min.(or until desired consistency..moving them around so they dont stick to pan. I’ve been drooling every time the word “cashew” is mentioned – you better believe I’ll be making this next week. I haven’t made lasagna in so long but my mum used to make it all the time – she’s definitely not a cook by any stretch of the imagination (and she will openly admit to that! I forgot how much I loved it when I first started reading it a while ago! I was actually planning on making lasagna tonight, and you mentioning pumpkin and squash has by head in a frenzy! Reply I can’t believe you’ve never made lasagna until now! (actually, I made lots of different lasagnas for the restaurant as clean out the leftovers.. I also like using faux cheeses to make vegan lasagna really creamy and delicious. Reply Lasagna and baked ziti are two things that I grew up loving! :) I might add some TVP to the mix, but otherwise it looks AMAZING! I actually made a table top and I will be showing a tutorial on the blog soon (it’s actually only in the initial stages right now), so I hope it works out. Which is why I should give the basil cashew cheeze a go! Although, I’m still secretly in my head going by the hour difference…as in “well, it WOULD still be noon if we didn’t change the clock back, so eating chocolate is ok.” : D Reply Im sure its lovely and it looks delicious but Ang why are you still rinsing your pasta in water when your done cooking it?????

After almost a year of faithfully following Oh She Glows, I have been inspired everyday by your stories, your journey, and most importantly your AMAZING receipes. I’ve been looking for ways to still make a lasagna but not have it dripping in the usual ricotta or cottage cheese sauces. Love the step by step photography…the photography in general…mine needs help! I just had the last of the black bean and butternut burritos, have the mushroom millet soup on tap for later this week (when it gets all cold and soggy in my neck of the woods) and now I’m trying my best to figure out how to get this one in.Thank you for all of the beautifully written and photographed posts and for keeping my kitchen adventures fun and delicious. The idea for cashew cream sounds absolutely delectable. I just a made a big batch of seitan last night and I have a feeling this would go really well stuffed inside this lasagna. I wonder if I could use edamame instead of the cashews as my boys have nut allergies? The wonderful sadness of wishing I could fit in a few extra meals in a week.Soy makes me a little bloated so this is a great alternative! Please stop or I will send every Italian mother I know over to your house to see what you do! After I couldn’t find one here, I made a pumpkin lasagna that was kinda…meh.My man wants me to make THIS one (and I have no objections), so it’s one the grocery list now : D Thank you thank you thank you, Angela!! My photos are dark or yellow, blurry b/c I am rushing, have a hungry family…darkness just is going to compound that. The tofu for ricotta comes out fantastic BUT tofu and my tummy don’t necessarily get along so I’m always looking for a substitute. i always use them in my vegan lasagnas- they work well and cut out a step.

Have not tried, but will soon, then I’ll rate, but not with one star! :) Thank you for saving me time from having to google a recipie! One of my family’s tradition is to have my mom’s lasagna at holiday gatherings (Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually) and I haven’t been able to eat it for a long time because of being lactose intolerant. Totally creamy and delicious, but not the prettiest dish yet … I’ve been craving lasagna something fierce over the last couple of days.

I’ve been looking for a good pasta dish to make for my carbo load before my marathon on Sunday. I have been working on a dairy-free lasagna for my lactose intolerant boyfriend which involves a very tasty white bean sauce.