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There are probably ways to do this with Ubuntu or Windows, but that falls outside of my current knowledge base.

Nawcom covers some of this at his awesome website here: WHAT YOU' LL NEED:• Your new Installer Disk on a USB Flash Disk, a spare HDD or HDD Partition.• Some patience1.

WHAT YOU' LL NEED:• A retail Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.x) Install DVD or Disk Image.• A working Mac OS X machine. (See note under Step 1.)• Nawcom's Mod USB app (available here:

p=569 )• A spare USB Flash Disk (8GB or more) or any spare USB HDD, HDD, or HDD Partition of 8GB or more.

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Insert the USB Flash Disk (or HDD with Install Partition) into your HP Pro Liant Micro Server and boot it up..2. Continue to the following screen and go to the menu across the top of your screen and select Utilities - Disk Utility.. Select your desired HDD in the panel on the left where you wish to install Mac OS X. Select ' Mac OS Extended (Journaled)' as your format. Click the ' Options' button and choose GUID as your Partition Table. Once that is complete you can close the window and you'll be able to continue with the installation process.9. Select the destination drive you wish to install Mac OS X to. Here you can choose what to install and what not to install. This will come in handy much later when we discuss some of the various short-comings of AMD-based installs.

You should shortly get to the standard Mod Bin boot prompt, with a number of booting options detailed on screen.3. If you're installing to a blank HDD, now is a good time to set your partition table and scheme.8. Otherwise, I generally Un Check all of the ' Language Translations' and ' Additional Printer' stuff.

It also means that i have everything i need on one physical drive, should anything go wrong during the install or should i need to start again from scratch.

NOTE: For this you're going to need an already working Mac OS X machine.

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(This is for the installer.)• A HDD drive to install Mac OS X Snow Leopard too.

The standard 250GB HDD that ships with your HP Microserver will work just fine.