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12-Dec-2014 17:21

The competition circuit is the speed dating of the architectural world. In some whale and plankton kind of way, these sites and competitions must function as advertising in the traditional sense as architects email each website mention to their entire client base as if it were somehow equivalent to sending signed monographs as indicators of accomplishment. Meanwhile, the pressure to hook up continues without interruption or mercy.

New competitions raise new hopes the next one is going to work.

I don’t actually care and can’t help but wonder what their state of mind must be if they feel I ought to. A few days ago was a notification from Architectural Review to make sure to submit my project for their annual house awards. A quick reminder from WAF before I even get to write about them “Reduced-rate early bird rate of US0 to enter for INSIDE ends this Friday”.

In passing, Dezeen’s watches are spin-off merchandise. Reduced-rate early bird rate of US0 to enter for INSIDE ends this Friday. This next reads like a scam preying on the needy and vulnerable.

As with chairs, it’s easy to design dubious value into a watch. WAF’s earlybird rate is US0 went up to US0 yesterday. These are the people who will want to see how sincere you are. It’s common knowledge that some of internet’s biggest businesses don’t generate any of their own content.

Before you start snooping around Tribeca studios and brushing up on your design literature, check out the site's "9 Things They Don't Tell You About Dating an Architect." We're not saying they are all bad, but tread lightly singles, there are some surprises up those drafting pencil stained sleeves.

Now open for entries in its fifth year, Architizer’s A+Awards — the largest awards program for architecture and products — is all about inspiring buildings.

Lonely architects upload photos of how they want to be seen, and hope someone will fancy them. There’s many traps for clients in this dating business. Sometimes both sides simply can’t admit they need each other.

Despite wanting their love, some architects are only in it for the short term. Speaking of neediness, this past week, DEZEEN has been harassing me to vote for them so they can win a Webby award.

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You may have noticed a few quirks that merely come with the territory: the obsession with the build of inanimate objects, the coffee snobbery, the disappointing lack of funds you were positive they were rolling in because, duh they're an architect!

Popular dating site just released their latest "date report" for singles on the prowl.