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The origins of Greece are shrouded in mystery and date back to the time of Abraham, 18th century BCE, or perhaps even earlier.

While admiring the Greek contributions to civilization ― its politics, philosophy, art and architecture – it is easy to forget what Greek society was really like.

For example, we've heard of the "Spartan lifestyle," but what did that mean in practice?

The late 5th and the 4th century are as eventful for the Greeks as it has for the Jews.

Despite constant warfare, this is also the golden age of classical Greek culture ― the birth of democracy, the time of Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato.

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They could have been people migrating down from Asia down through Europe and settling in the Greek Isles, or they could have been seafaring people who settled along the coast.Whoever they were, the earliest inhabitants of mainland Greece (called Mycenaeans after excavations found at Mycenae) developed an advanced culture.