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Adult females are typically 7 to 8 inches in total length, and males are 8 to 10 inches total length.Some males of this variety can reach nearly a foot in total length.They are live-bearing and easy to propagate when healthy. Who wouldn't want their own baby triceratops around the house?Yellow-crested Jackson's chameleons are the most commonly found of the three types in the United States pet trade today, and the subject of this care sheet.Most Jackson's chameleons on the market today are captive bred.Yellow-crested Jackson's chameleon hatchlings measure 3 to 4 inches in total length.Once reproductive, the female's mission is to give birth.This wears them out after three or four broods per year.

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At the time of this writing, prices for Jackson's chameleons ranged from to 5 depending on the age, sex and lineage (captive bred or wild caught).

If you are looking for a single pet, I recommend getting a male because of the longer life span.