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A D'ni master of the Writing Art would inscribe a volume with a precise symbolic and mathematical description of a world.If this was done properly, the first page of the book would come alive with an image of the new Age.

If this bothers you, do not read it -- or follow links to particular answers, rather than reading the whole document from top to bottom.

If you've gotten into the game, and want some non-spoiler guidance about what to try first, see "What should I be doing here?

" The D'ni were an ancient race of people who had the power to travel to -- or perhaps create -- other worlds. ") They arrived on Earth nearly ten thousand years ago, but they did not colonize the surface world.

Anyone who touches this page will be instantly transported to the book's Age. ") You will find many more linking books as you explore.

For these things, you will have to search elsewhere.

(See other resources.) However, much of the material in this Guide can be discovered by exploring the world of Uru.

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