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25-Feb-2016 23:40

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Beyond the first date, the timeline only tightens: Sixty percent of singles believe that if they text a current or possible paramour, they should get a text back within three hours.Singles between the ages of 21 and 26 were especially impatient, the poll found, with 14% expecting a reply instantly or within a few minutes.The online poll of 1,500 single smartphone users, jointly commissioned by dating websites JDate and Christian Mingle, explored the extent to which the addictive devices have infiltrated every corner of romance today and even rewritten the courtship code of conduct.

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Most smartphone users said they would be OK with a date whipping out a phone to take a call or answer an email or text, as long as they provide a good explanation.

Decades ago, the rule of thumb was waiting three days to call after a date, said Greg Liberman, chief executive of Spark Networks, which owns JDate, Christian Mingle and other dating websites.