Long has nick jonas delta goodrem been dating

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Read up on our star couples below and find out if you and your partner are part of a ‘star couple’…

Virgo & Sagittarius - Rachel Weisz & Amanda Seyfried What is it with earthy Virgo Ryan and his fire ladies?

Gemini & Libran - Jewel & Ty Murray Gemini's and Librans get along very well indeed.

Star Couples Astrogirl dishes the inside astro love news on some of our favourite celebrities Just because 2 Sun signs are completely incompatible doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed.

Rachel has her Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Pisces (very unusual), however Daniel has his Moon and Mars in Aries and his Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, so he is not as closely tuned in to his emotional and psychic radar as Rachel is.Aquarius Darren Aronofsky was Rachel’s long time ex, so she is used to dealing with unreachable men.And like his other leading ladies, Amanda is a cute blond! These two beautiful people have absolutely nothing in common.There is nothing in their charts that suggest that these two belong together and will end up together.

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Ex wife Reese Witherspoon is an Aries and ex partner Abbie Cornish is a Leo.

Ryan completes his fire romance trine with Sagittarian Amanda.