Loop text dating

16-Nov-2014 00:24

) and of aesthetic appeal (Is this message interesting? Texting is a meticulous art, a combination of humor and sarcasm, emojis and punctuation marks, feelings and observations and ratios of blue to white.Texting has come a long way from the days of weird shorthand.If you want to feel connected to someone, you send a text and feel connected instantly.

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Disabled hookups

When you have sex, your dopamine levels increase and the pleasure-center of your brain becomes activated, which causes the seeking-center of your brain to desire climax. But dopamine makes us seek abstract things too, like ideas, connection and information.

Once the orgasm reward is achieved, more dopamine is released and you’re left feeling satisfied. And now, in the age of technology, we don’t have to go through a whole episode of having sex to fulfill that desire to seek a grand finale.

I will talk about: kucch bhi baat kar le ...chudai se le ke lugaai tak... … continue reading »

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