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16-Mar-2015 03:39

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I become a mom, a buddy, and a psychologist all wrapped up in one. When you chase a man by becoming a shape-shifter for him (“I’ll shift into any role you need of me! Shape-shifting has a waft of neediness and desperation and a man will sense that all your polite gestures aren’t free.He will begin to feel manipulated and obliged to you and that’s smothering. In my past, while I was pulling a man toward me by chasing him, I was also, at the same time, pushing him away with rejecting behavior.I was able to save this relationship, unlike those few before him who also lost interest in me, because I learned a few things about men and love.Here’s a powerful tip to help you gain back his interest now that he has lost interest in you: In my past, when a man lost interest in me, I would start to panic. I would give him gifts, text him invites, offer to clean his house and help him sort out his emotional problems.I was so wrapped up in him and worried that he’d abandon me, any gesture he would make to come close and get to know me would be met with hesitation and a heap of nerves.

Do nothing to chase him and focus instead on remaining still and calm and having welcoming energy oozing from an open heart.Don’t call him or invite him places or give him gifts or cute “friendly” text messages, etc.