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04-Dec-2015 09:58

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Famous for many impressionable love songs that were all the rage in his time and beyond, Frank Sinatra is a “larger-than-life” icon who has transcended racial and national boundaries.Sinatra, known as “The Voice” or “Ol’ Blue Eyes,” had a career that spanned from the 1940s all the way through the 1970s.As a testament to Sinatra’s popularity, his love songs became the backdrop everywhere in the country: people played them at weddings, danced to them at restaurants when they were dating, and even bought them so they could play them in their homes.When people thought of a romantic song, they automatically thought of one of Frank Sinatra’s many love songs.However, Sinatra is most known for his voice; he could convince women everywhere that he was in love with them and wanted to sweep them off their feet.Even Elvis Presley – who famously covered “Are You Lonesome Tonight” just like Sinatra himself – is often compared to Frank Sinatra though their musical styles are rather different. One of the most famous long songs of all time, “Are You Lonesome Tonight,” became one of his biggest hits and his version is considered one of the best to have ever been recorded in the song’s 83 year history.

Few artists have made as large an impact on the American music scene as Frank Sinatra.In addition to that, few people even tried to cover a song after Sinatra sang it because every song he sang became iconic in some way. People can still hear new versions of Frank Sinatra’s songs in movies and commercials.

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