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08-Sep-2016 11:38

The two sports share a venue; Rowing is always week one and Canoe/Kayak is week two.

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FISA isn’t responsible for the weather – the best they can do is stay as connected to the expert weather forecasters and look for windows of opportunities.There have been short delays here or there but it’s been a long time since an Olympic regatta has been so wind effected.And – I think the last time one was SO disrupted it wasn’t even the Rowing regatta – it was the Canoe Kayak regatta in Sydney (2000).They couldn’t – the Closing Ceremony would start in a few hours; all sports had to be completed.

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I believe FISA, the international rowing federation, took a long look at that situation and made a decision to give rowing some flexibility if that were to happen in (their) week one. Now the Olympic Rowing Regatta begins on day 2 – the morning after the Opening Ceremony – and be completed on the Saturday.

(I have to admit – I often joke the weather forecasters and pollsters seem to be the only people who keep their jobs even though their predictions are so often way off).

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