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S.0) from a soldier, three reserve police officers in a truck chased him to the edge of the sea and caught him, he said. They also hit me with a gun butt and made me go into the sea. There was a toilet, but it was spoiled and there wasn't any water. I wasn't even able to wash because there wasn't any water. In the cell, they would give us one litre of water in the afternoon and a few dried biscuits.... Almost everyone Human Rights Watch interviewed in each area we visited who had been arrested was beaten.

Human Rights Watch, "Making Their Own Rules": Police Beatings, Rape, and Torture of Children in Papua New Guinea, 31 August 2005, C1708, available at: 10 November 2016] This report documents boys and girls being shot, knifed, kicked and beaten by gun butts, iron bars, wooden batons, fists, rubber hoses and chairs. Eyewitnesses describe gang rapes in police stations, vehicles, barracks and other locations. Children, who make up nearly half of the country's some 5.6 million people, are especially vulnerable. reflects that of many children at the hands of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, the country's police force.Children are also routinely detained with adults in sordid police lockups and denied medical care. UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content. I never told anyone in the court what happened to me. Brutal beatings, rape, and torture of children, as well as confinement in sordid police lockup, are widespread police practices.