Mandating gardisil

20-Jan-2015 07:59

California Catholic Daily reports: “The bill was unexpectedly called back to that committee when it was pointed out that if minors do not need to obtain their parent[s’] consent for the controversial Gardasil HPV vaccination, then the state would have to foot the bill,” explained the Catholic Legislative Network in an email.

A five to ten percent immunization rate for HPV, which is a three-dose series, would result in administrative costs ranging from .2 million to .5 million in total funds.

Outside a few pro-life and parental rights activist websites, there has been zero coverage of the latest major attempt by a state government to legislate Gardasil coverage for minors.

From the state Senate Appropriations Committee’s fiscal summary: As this bill could result in the administration of vaccinations for hepatitis B and the HPV to Medi-Cal beneficiaries between the ages of 12-17 inclusive that would otherwise not have received these vaccinations, there could be increased costs to the Medi-Cal program, which pays a administrative fee to physicians who administer the vaccines to Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

All other costs related to vaccines for Medi-Cal beneficiaries under age 19 are paid for by the federally funded Vaccines for Children Program.

As a result, there could be costs to administer vaccinations for both young women and men.

For the 923,000 minors aged 12 through 17, a five to ten percent immunization rate for hepatitis B would result in administrative costs ranging from 5,350 to 0,700, fifty percent of which would be a cost to the General Fund.

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Now, it is expected to head quickly to the Senate floor for a full vote this week and supporters believe Democratic California Gov. A previous push to require all California girls entering sixth grade to be vaccinated with the HPV Vaccine was withdrawn from the state legislature in 2007.The current bill would circumvent the state’s parental consent laws and “allow a minor who is 12 years of age or older to consent to medical care related to the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease.” The bill states: “The minor’s parents or guardian are not liable for payment for medical care provided pursuant to this section.” So, who is?There were no witnesses or testimony at the hearing.The bill, AB 499, had previously been suspended over cost concerns.

Based on Medi-Cal counts as of January 2010, it is assumed there are over 466,000 females and 457,000 males (923,000 total) aged 12 through 17 who are Medi-Cal beneficiaries.Although the main focus of HPV prevention has been on young women, there has been recent research indicating the case for also routinely vaccinating young men for the HPV as well.

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