Maskedtextbox validatingtype

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My guess would be that rectangular tooltips are more often used for supplemental information whereas balloons with an arrow indicate information directly related to a field or value.

The Data Grid View is a very powerful windows form control for providing a user interface to tabular data.

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At the conclusion of this wizard, you'll have a strongly-typed dataset, a Table Adapter, and Data Table added to your project. Products) End Sub ' ' Save the changes you've made via the Data Grid View back to the ' underlying database ' Private Sub bn Update_Click(By Val sender As System. Let's look at how you could perform some simple tweaks in a column that contains a Money field. Format = "$#.00" ' apply the style to the column Data Grid View1. Default Cell Style = style The major technique for detected errors in a Data Grid View is by the Row Validating event.Next, you'll need to add a Data Grid View to a form. ' create new style object Dim style As New Data Grid View Cell Style ' set the alignment to the right (for numbers) style. Middle Right ' add a wee bit of padding to the right side Dim p As New Windows. This allows you to use a "business rule" to validate the user input.