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", get your fucking guts cut Tough luck bruh Wonder why your bitch act stuck up? Big Daddy Kane Nigga can't tell me nothing 'bout the game Been in that deep shit, every year I'm M. P It's just in me Rims on the 'Lac like 22 inches Play with me, I open up your back like 22 inches Guerrilla pimpin' And it really isn't wise for niggas to start poppin' At any given time them niggas could start droppin', peep it I'm off the strip muhfucka what you want?

Cause the slut got Weezy nuts stuck up in her fucking butt Yung mack flip crack quicker than acrobats, get at me man Look call me Wayne a. This a freestyle coming from off the top out the trunk Niggas be like Mase and go to Church But I go to the trunk and then I go to your shirt Holla at me, I'm the don bitch Look we can get it on bitch Gotta get another rap to flow on bitch...

[Intro: Lil Wayne] Go Weezy Wee, bitch S-Q-A-D Siddeven, holla at us, underground Muhfucka, what you know bout Weezy huh?

Holla at me dawg I got it, it's right here, listen [Verse 1] Holla I'm off the rocks squat the box dont rock the spot The Sqad pop 'em I'ma fuck with the hottest Diamonds droppin’ temperature, bitch I'm one of the finest And to be honest, I got all these hoes stocked up like sinus, now who you fuckin'?

Ice shining colorful, like a sack of fruit or something With no heart for bitches like ???or something I be the true to nothing thorough nigga, young, raw, and famous Get money 'til I'm dead or 'til the day of my arraigning Spittin' game through the platinum smile You can see the fuck I be saying from half a mile How I hop out of the colossal Tahoe filled up with models Poppin' bottles with pussy poppers that gobble until they swallow See I'm a pimp Playboy when it come to these hoes Cause all I give is cum to these hoes and run from these hoes I comfortably roll in the latest sleepy eye Mercedes Heat up for the haters speed up for the ladies Miss, so watch your back, and watch your mouth cat Weezy shit, this our click You 'bout that?I send my Sqad to where your house at All of a sudden niggas gs, why the fuck is you trippin'?I cock and shoot up one of your knees, why the fuck is you trippin'? I'm official pimpin' Be lowkey dippin', Range Ro' be twistin' on blades I'm O. Simpson, pretty limpin' Big fucking cannon, holding me back With some shit from off the Discovery Channel on my back My niggas drowned in smoke, underground, pound daily My hoes like Nelly cause they go "Down, down baby" I used to dog chickens, cluck 'em, fuck 'em, and duck 'em But now I'm more mature, I fuck 'em, fuck 'em, and fuck 'em Stuck inside of the game for damn near two decades And I'ma make you see the insides like a x-ray Aww fuck... Drunk off Cris', mami on e Weezy on e, mami cummin' on me The diamond long links sparkle, tough in the light You do a lil' something tonight, I buy you something with ice And I ain't stunting a price, shawty I can afford it I been had dough before I was recorded Started to order you a Mercedes C 240 But I thought it would be more nice for you in a Ferrari, peep me [Interlude] It's whatever, holla I ain't stopping, I ain't stopping Check it, check it [Verse 2] Muhfucka bet' not fuck with this nigga I'm itching, clutching the trigger Muhfucka you can end up in a river, shit I'm like a tornado I’m twisted off of shit And my pistols off my hip but I give a shit about who I hit, fuck I'm fucked up, I'll fuck you up for fucking up Guns up like "What's up?

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[Verse 1: YG] First, you find a house and scope it out Find a Chinese neighborhood, cause they don't believe in bank accounts Second, you find a crew and a driver, someone who ring the doorbell And someone that ain't scared to do what it do Third, you pull up at the spot Park, watch, ring the doorbell and knock Four, make sure nobody is home They gone, okay it's on Don't be scared, nigga, you're in now If the police come you gonna find out who your friends now That ain't them talking, that's your mind playing tricks on you You're conscious cause you know you got nines with two clips on you But fuck that, motherfuck that plasma And fuck that laptop, go and get that jewelry box You tryna get paid?

Go take that jewelry box to the Slauson they'll give you cash back in the same day [Hook: YG] Meet the motherfucking flockers Make some noise if you've ever stole something in your life Don't be ashamed, it's okay, baby Make some noise if you've ever stole a dollar out your mama's purse [?