Megan rapinoe dating wambach

15-Sep-2016 15:25

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She reached the peak of her stardom toward the end of her career.Because of that coincidence, the virtues of her work were drowned out at times by critics (including yours truly) of a playing style that seemed a step behind her sport's evolution.Many other observers who don't accord her that specific status deeply respect that she is who she is and doesn't care who judges her.The last few days have presented another test to Wambach's fans and detractors alike.By total coincidence, that all happened while I was in the final stages of setting up an interview with Wambach for a totally unrelated reason. 6 to speak at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

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Her outspoken manner has long discomforted those who believe female athletes should only be in the spotlight when adhering to rules of engagement that they had no role in creating.Details on the event, including how to buy tickets, are available here.