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I’ve included one of my favorite quotes from each of the movies instead. I’ve been to prison once, I’ve been married – twice.

Finally, there’s no Wes Anderson movies on this list. I was once drafted by Lyndon Johnson and had to live in shit-ass Mexico for 21/2 years for no reason.

Not because they aren’t funny – they are – but because I don’t consider his films true comedies. I’ve had my eye socket punched in, a kidney taken out and I got a bone-chip in my ankle that’s never gonna heal.

As such, I’ve gone ahead and ranked the 20 best comedies of the past 10 years. After the jump, take a look at the 20 best comedies of the past 10 years, ranked in descending order.Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time. Any you felt deserved to be in the Top 20 that weren’t? To really get your point across, make sure to call me names and insult my intelligence. Madison is one of three original writers for Unreality, along with Paul Tassi and Nat B.He enjoys science fiction movies, books, and television, and is a huge fan of South Florida sports teams. No, I prefer comedies: I’d rather wet myself from laughing instead of out of fear.

To follow up Paul’s article last week, I decided to rank the best comedies from the past 10 years.He currently has a career as a medical malpractice defense attorney, but he pops in from time to time to leave a comment or write a guest post.