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While searching for his daughter, Harry Mason meets Michelle in the Midwich High School gymnasium.She is seen singing "Always on My Mind" when Harry walks in on her.Michelle is there waiting for other students for their high school reunion, including her boyfriend John; however, she is the only one who showed up.When Harry mentions his daughter, Michelle exclaims that she used to go to school with a Cheryl Mason.Depending on the player's Psych Profile, John stops the car and leaves frustrated, and Michelle follows him, or Michelle yells at John to stop the car and leaves angrily.The final time Michelle and Harry meet is inside Annie's Bar, where Michelle reveals that she broke up with John.Michelle offers to drive Harry to the lighthouse using John's car.

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Inside the Balkan, Harry enters Michelle's room to find the car keys and when he returns to Michelle, she is gone and a woman named Dahlia is in her place.The next time Michelle and Harry meet face-to-face is at the Green Lion Pawn Shop inside Cheryl's room.