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The last is using accessories such as close-up lenses which provides the cheapest means to achieve high magnification ratios or by using Bellows Units, copying stands, adaptors etc..with any Nikkor lenses.: -When this Nikon F3 site was introduced (even the revised 2nd version), I had not featured any Nikkor lenses seriously, but in 2003, I now have compiled quite a bit of information on the various Manual Focus Nikkors - with the exception of Micro-Nikkor lenses, the AF-Micro-Nikkor was quite complete and even the latest PC-Micro has been featured).The close up lens was improved over the years and the current model is , which comes with a convenient IF (Internal Focus) feature.Well, nothing stops you from using such specialized optics for close-up or macro photography.In fact, I have seen some remarkable fashion photography that was taken with a modified ring flash !Next is Micro Nikkor lenses which you can select from three focal lengths of 50-60mm, 105mm and 180-200mm - all the three groups have either manual focus or autofocus and varying lens speed (Brightest f/2.8 to f4.0) to cater to any needs.Thus, we are here to discuss what are the advantages Nikon F3 can offer rather than macro photography itself.

The history of the famed Micro-Nikkor lenses by Nikon can be traced back to 1956 when they introduced their first close focusing lens - a 50mm f3.5 lens which was designed specifically for Nikon rangefinder cameras.These specialized lenses, improved and refined over the years and form the nucleus of the Nikon close-up photographic system.