Mongolian dating culture

25-Apr-2016 23:21

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My boyfriend has not told his parents we are dating, and I still have not met any of his friends. Please share any information you have on dating in Mongolia (ie.

views on sex before marriage, children, speed at which relationships move, how do men treat women/how do women treat men, what is considered romantic, fidelity/infidelity etc).

Hi everyone, As a spin-off on the marriage thread, I was wondering if any of you kind people could give a glance into your dating experiences as foreigners in Mongolia, with Mongolian men and women. I am a white American woman who has been dating a Mongolian man (from Outer Mongolia) for almost 1 year.

I haven't found much information on dating customs online, although I did read that introducing a girl to your family means you are getting married.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributes to this thread!

Morin Khuur, a two stringed fiddle figures prominently in the nomadic culture of Mongolia.

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String instruments adorned with horse heads are referred to by written sources dating back from the Mongol empire of the thirteenth...Read more Mongolian language is one of oldest languages in the world.

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