Mustang dating who is dating alex mclacklin

06-Jun-2015 18:23

Playing right into the obnoxious stereotype that women can’t drive stick, the stunt woman feigns ignorance while she gradually figures out how to put the Mustang in gear.Clearly not confident with her driving abilities, one of her dates said twice, "You might want to shift that." Ford's accomplice pretended to be lost and took a turn towards an industrial space setup by the car maker.

Back during Halloween, Ford put forth a pretty excellent You Tube video depicting a prank perpetrated on some unsuspecting victims at a local car wash.

With Valentine’s Day looming on the horizon, Ford is back with another prank that puts a whole new spin on the phrase The setup is the same each time: a beautiful young woman meets her marks at a café and indulges them in some idle conversation.

The Ford Mustang GT is powered by a 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 engine that outputs 435 horsepower and 435 lb-ft of torque.

It features six-speed manual transmission and 18-inch aluminum wheels.

One man said her car was "awesome." But when she tells them she does not know how to drive a stick, the men clearly became worried, with one even offering to drive the car for her.

Persson, however, insisted she drive and they take a slow ride through the streets of Dallas.