N adult family chatroulette

20-Oct-2015 17:31

A good friend of mine, Sue Scheff, took the liberty of informing parents about a new and potentially dangerous live webcam website.It’s called Chatroulette, and it’s a website where strangers come to chat with other strangers on a 1-to-1 basis via their webcam.Upon entering the site, you are immediately given the option to enable or disable audio and video for your own feed.The site is very simple; it only takes a single click to start video chatting with, what the site aptly calls, “strangers”.It is as easy as going to a friend’s computer, your local library or even an Internet café…”. It will allow you (and only you) to change settings or disable the Content Advisor later down the road. Once you’ve created a password, click on the Settings button that’s right next to the Enable button.All you have to do is click on “Play” and the site automatically finds you a stranger to talk to.If you want to switch strangers all you have to do is hit “Next”.

Almost all of them disconnected from me because I didn’t have an active video feed.Who’s to stop these people from connecting to a 13-year-old who has a live video feed? I think Sue Scheff pretty much summed up our frustration as parents when she said, “…no matter how many firewalls you install, blocks to websites, etc…unless your child understands the dangers, they will always find a way to get to where they want to surf.