Naked speeddate

29-Aug-2016 14:07

I doubt we ever would have gotten this far without TRU! Thanks so much for all your advice and thoughts on my pitch. It was a huge success and I felt so lucky to be a part of it Amazing experience. Think of it as the "cocktail party" pitch where you have to hold someone's interest with dozens of conversations going on around you. WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING: A one-page (maximum) synopsis, a one-page writer/theater resume or bio, production history (including reviews), set and cast breakdown.You will need 22 sets, one for each of the producers.Before the speed date even happened, the TRU team helped me craft a logline and pitch document that crystallized the play's plot and theme and, at the speed date, caught the attention of a producer. You meet a producer at a party, and have two minutes to interest him in your work. Here’s a chance to practice your pitching with real producers who […] Pitch your work to a roomful of serious producers …

11 writers will arrive at , and we have three coaches coming who will coach the writers on their presentations.

If the project interests the producer, he may request that you send a full script.

Make them nice - it's part of that all-important first impression.

ABOUT THE COACHES: we are bringing in two or three professional coaches to work with each writer on vocal technique, presentation skills and content.

Meanwhile, group two is in the Coaching Room getting coached for an hour starting at . We estimate that pitches and turnaround should take about 50 minutes total for all eleven.

We will have wine and cheese afterwards, so although the pitch sessions will end at around , we hope writers and producers will stay and chat informally until 9pm or so. Eleven writers pitching to eleven producers at one time?

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