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She wanted to amend part of her contract to grant her final cut no matter what (originally, it was only hers if she brought it in under budget and ahead of schedule), and the producers just weren’t interested in appeasing her demands.

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And this week, things took a further nosedive as its distributor, Relativity Media, on the verge of bankruptcy, bailed on the movie.With Fassbender out, Joel Edgerton - who had been cast as the villain - shifted over to that role and Jude Law hopped on to play the baddie.Shortly after that little reshuffle, everything looked rosy.She had just received tons of acclaim for creating one of the most talked-about movies of the decade. In any case, turns out she left the movie three days before the shoot. She denied the allegations and later the whole thing was settled out of court in March 2014. Whether it was a financial issue, or post-production struggles, or the movie’s simply been grazed by a ton of bad luck, that date was pushed to February 20, 2015, and then September 4.

Probably the only good thing to befall Relativity during this stressful period of financial dire straits was the chance to offload this cursed western. Two-and-a-half years ago, 150 cast and crew members assembled in Santa Fe, New Mexico to shoot the small indie western.

Natalie Portman was cast as Jane, a woman who fends off a bunch of vengeful thugs after her husband returns home plugged full of lead.