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It is well known that she used to isolate him from other kids. While his brother was living with his mom, Marshall always had to be careful when he gave Nathan a call : When I call him, I bite my tongue. I’m sure he’s afraid of my mother and I’m sure he’s doing the same things to him that she did to me.‘ Eminem has always shown love and concern for his brother.Nate also spends time touring with his brother, which is something he enjoys very much.Nate who follows his brother’s career with very much interest, is also an aspiring rapper.Nathan Mathers is Debbie’s second son with Fred Samra Jr and Eminem’s half brother. Along with Hailie, Nathan belongs to the persons that really matter in Marshall’s life.Nathan Kane Samra was born on February the 3rd 1986 in Detroit.

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About Nate, Marshall says : ‘ Yo, my brother is mad cool . At the VMA Awards 2003, Marshall thanked his little brother.This is a little freestyle by Nate from Eminem’s mom interview on the BBC.