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24-Jul-2015 23:16

If you end up cuffed as a direct result of this, we only ask that you name your first-born son Tyrion and send us a picture of him in an official BNP skully.Mickey and Minnie Mouse may have had the most innocent love affair in the old school cartoons – Goofy was about that bachelor life and Donald and Daisy’s relationship still raises a lot of questions for me. But this does work as proof that the “[fandom] + dating” will almost always have results.Maybe this site will help be the fondu pot you need to make it happen.Yes, the homepage for Geek2Geek is covered exclusively with white people.

If the BNP staff ever decides to do one of those awkward college coffee shop ice breakers like a date auction or a couple rounds of speed dating, this is the site we’re probably going to head to for some sponsorship.

No one said you can’t mix your nerd love and your black love into the same magical dish.