Netnewswire not updating

09-Feb-2016 00:44

However, finding the RSS feed can be a little difficult.With Facebook bringing an outsized portion of eyeballs to websites, and Twitter filling another big chunk of traffic, an RSS reader might not seem like an important app.But if you really want to read everything a website publishes (or at least every headline), an RSS reader is still the easiest way to do it. Before Google Reader, Flipboard or Apple News, many users who wanted to subscribe to updates from a website used RSS software.Net News Wire was the RSS reader of choice for many Mac users, but after two acquisitions and the rise of online RSS readers, the program fell by the wayside.And since Net News Wire is built only for Apple devices, both apps feature tight integration with Apple’s intended gestures and functions.The universal i OS app is pretty great for getting through your news on the go.The desktop app is even more at home in the Apple ecosystem.

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Instead of going left and right, which many apps use to switch between stories and I often activate on accident, you just long-drag up or down.

With a small stickiness to the end of each article, you don’t have to worry about scrolling too far, either.