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05-Mar-2016 03:28

And outside The White House, hundreds of protesters gathered for the second night running before walking on to the new Trump International Hotel. Obama's call for calm came alongside similar statements from both Clinton and Trump.President Obama said he was rooting for the new president and said the entire American people should. All three combined in a concerted effort to try and bring the nation together after a fractious and bitter election battle.'The president has offered clemency to a substantial number of Americans who were previously serving time in federal prisons,' Earnest said.Entering to the music of 'Air Force One' Donald Trump stood onstage early this morning alongside some of his closest campaign advisers, many of whom are poised to hold big league jobs in the Trump cabinet come January.Boston Common saw a small gathering growing into a crowd of thousands who chanted 'F**k Donald Trump' and 'Our President is a Nazi.' Half the student body of Berkeley High School, California - some 1,500 people - walked out of classes after first period.Portland, Oregon protesters numbering around 2,000 marched into the evening. After he spoke some of his staff openly wept at the result, one saying of the day: 'I'm so sad'.He spoke at the White House where President-elect Trump is expected tomorrow. Even though Hillary Clinton (left) hasn't been charged with a crime, the White House is not ruling out the possibility of her receiving a last-minute pardon from President Obama (right).

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In Chicago, thousands marched through the streets of the Loop, blocking traffic and surrounding cars.Philadelphia, which had seen Nazi-related anti-Trump graffiti sprayed across its shop fronts last night, was the subject of a 1,000-strong march.Cher and Madonna were among thousands of furious protesters stomping toward Trump Tower in New York City tonight to protest Donald Trump's shock election as president.Cher told one protester 'We have to fight' - and a fight certainly looked on the cars as the masses marched, holding aloft effigies, including Trump hanging from a noose, and placards reading 'Impeach White Supremacy.' That was just one of at least seven major protests against the President-elect this evening, as cities ground to a halt to accommodate the livid masses.

He gave shout-outs to Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie and Sen.

Jeff Sessions, who joined the families of Trump and his running mate, Indiana Gov.