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08-Aug-2015 19:17

From his humble beginnings as the posterboy of brotherly purity, pop nugget Nick Jonas has become king of the career comeback.

We don't know how he did it, but the self-proclaimed virgin from the Disney channel has managed to shovel himself a feasible music career, and for that we applaud.

From their Disney beginnings to their current US tour, Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato have always shared a special bond.

In their cover story for the July 30th, 2016 issue of Billboard magazine, the “Cool For Summer” chick and the “Jealous” hunk discuss how they support each other when they’re having a bad day on the road.

The former Jonas Brothers star was celebrating the release of his last single back in 2014 with a group of friends when he was offered a "weed lollipop" which he accepted, something he claims "never happens".

Gearing up for the release of his new music video, Nick Jonas posted a small clip of “Under You” ahead of its Friday (June 10) debut on Tidal.

The “Jealous” singer looks pretty angry in the video, destroying a room before getting up-close and personal with his gorgeous costar Shay Mitchell.

nickjonas: It was bittersweet to see this tour come to an end, but I couldn’t be more stoked for what’s ahead.

Nick Jonas, as well as releasing albums with his brothers, has recorded 2 solo albums before the band started and during his career with his brothers.As well as J*O*N*A*S, Nick has appeared in an episode of Hannah Montana, and in the Disney Channel movie, Camp Rock, and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.Between a collabs with Big Sean & Ty Dolla $ign, and a long-term booty call with Kate Hudson, Nick Jonas might actually be that dude.In June 2016, the former/current Jonas Brother released his third solo album Last Year Was Complicated, featuring the Tove Lo-assisted lead single "Close." According to Nicholas, the album was named by none other than Roc Boy Shawn Carter, who felt the original title "Unhinged" failed to capture the bigger picture of the record.

He’s been a busy boy as of late, and Nick Jonas' latest project finds him hazing fraternity pledges in the preview trailer of “Goat.” The just-released teaser also features James Franco, Daniel Flaherty, Virginia Gardner and Ben Schnetzer, all under the direction of Andrew Neel.Nick Jonas felt the unfortunate side effect of a marijuana lollipop as he was about to hit the red carpet at the Young Hollywood Awards.