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05-Sep-2015 09:01

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We are sad to report that today is the second anniversary of the killing of Sean Bell.

A vigil was held on the spot where Sean Bell was killed at 4 am in Jamaica Queens on his wedding day. -- the time of the shooting -- the mourners rang a large bell 50 times to mark the number of bullets fired at the Bell and two of his friends, who were seriously injured.

“The justice system let me down,” Nicole Paultre Bell said.

“April 25, 2008: They killed Sean all over again.” In her first public comments since yesterday’s verdict,...

- New York City has agreed to dole out more than million in damages to settle a lawsuit from the family and friends of Sean Bell, the unarmed black man gunned down by police officers right before his wedding in 2006. - New York City cops are outraged by a new “minimal force” bill that would demand they fire their weapons only “with the intent to stop, rather than kill” a suspect.

The bill, inspired by Sean Bell's controversial death, mandates that officers aim for the suspect's arm or leg....

- A New York judge yesterday cleared the detectives who fatally shot Sean Bell, but the NYPD is awaiting its own verdict, after the case provoked charges of shoddy undercover police work. Justice was aborted." Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged citizens to respect the “...

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Awards when she was given an award for her courage. At a non-jury trial in April, a judge acquitted three police officers of state charges that included manslaughter, assault and reckless endangerment.

The NYPD officers involved in the fatal shooting were acquited and found not guilty. The officers -- undercover detectives investigating reports of prostitution at the club -- said they opened fire because they thought one of the men was reaching for a gun. The shooting and subsequent acquittals of the officers ignited protests and raised questions about whether the NYPD was too quick to use excessive force against minorities.