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13-Aug-2015 19:23

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This is either fake, (not really after their wedding) or they are complete white trash. What woman does not dye her roots for her wedding day? I think there was more fire on the front of the stage than there was behind it! Opening a hometown bill that also featured the Keith & Donna Godchaux Band and Kingfish, The Sons of Champlin set the bar at an astonishingly high level to begin the night.They also perform the irresistible "Lookout," their single at the time, with its extremely danceable vibe.The soulful ballad, "For A While" returns to the latest album material before they tackle the funky foot-stomping rocker "There Goes Your All Night," featuring outstanding organ work and another chunky solo from Haggerty.

They kick it off with "Slippery When It's Wet," a standout track from A Circle Filled With Love album.

Bill Champlin's wildly enthusiastic vocal, a blazing guitar run from Haggerty, and the punch of the horn section immediately engages the audience, who are up and dancing by the end of the first song.