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The Scientific Research Neurosurgery Institute named after the academician Nikolay Nilovich Burdenko is the largest neurosurgery clinic in the world with history dating back to 1932.We help patients suffering from the central and peripheral nervous system diseases.After that I could not study only mathematics, and I wanted to transfer to the medical school. I have been here about five months, but have only recently begun to study. In the 1920s Luzin organized a famous research seminar at Moscow University.Luzin underwent great personal turmoil in the years 19.

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I don't know how it happened, but I cannot be satisfied any more with analytic functions and Taylor series ... where, shivering in the cold, some women stand waiting in vain for dinner purchased with horror - this is an unbearable sight.

It is unbearable, having seen this, to calmly study (in fact to enjoy) science. During the Russian Civil War (1918–1920) Luzin left Moscow for the Polytechnical Institute Ivanovo-Voznesensk (now called Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology). On 5 January 1927 Luzin was elected as a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences and became a full member of the USSR Academy of Sciences first at the Department of Philosophy and then at the Department of Pure Mathematics (12 January 1929).

They adopted his set-theoretic orientation, and went on to apply it in other areas of mathematics.

He started studying mathematics in 1901 at Moscow University, where his advisor was Dimitri Egorov.

; 9 December 1883 – 28 January 1950) was a Soviet/Russian mathematician known for his work in descriptive set theory and aspects of mathematical analysis with strong connections to point-set topology.

He was the eponym of Luzitania, a loose group of young Moscow mathematicians of the first half of the 1920s.

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