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Video game battles and catered lunches, whiskey socials and cereal bars, in-office scooters and laundry services: they’re all perks of working at one of the ‘cool’ companies around town. And no, we’re not talking about that 12 o’clock yoga class.If you’re going to end up sending stern emails anyway, isn’t it better to just write a policy out?It’s nearly futile to try to deflect Cupid’s arrows.Still, many organizations do set policies to minimize the potential legal fallout from co-workers’ romantic relationships.They kept their relationship secret for three years because of the company’s strict nonfraternization policy.

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Something detailing what kind of relationships are allowed and how and when they should be disclosed, laying out ground rules for if an office romance sours.Why not define terms like ‘canoodle’ or ‘kiss’ while you’re at it?