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Scientists form hypotheses, or educated guesses, about aspects of the world, then test them.

These experiments must be readily reproducible, so that other scientists can cross-check the data.

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The scientific method is a way of acquiring knowledge through experiment.

It is designed to cancel out standard human biases in reasoning by encouraging reproducibility and cross-checking.

According to the scientific method, no theory is sacred, and even if thousands of experiments support it, one can still prove it wrong.

If a theory is extremely well confirmed over a long period of time and taken for granted among the vast majority of the scientific community, it acquires the status of a natural law or physical law.

The scientific method is over a thousand years old, dating back to the work of Ibn al-Haytham (965-1039).

Al-Haytham was a true pioneer, sometimes called “the first scientist,” who invented the scientific method and made significant contributions to over a dozen scientific fields, most notably optics.