Non validating parser

09-Apr-2015 18:24

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CDATA normalization seems half-baked compared to non-CDATA normalization.It neither wholly preserves nor wholly cleans up white space.The first exception to the significant white space rule deals with attribute values.

It’s inevitable that different XML parsers make different interpretations of the standards.This leads to some fuzzy behavior where white space is concerned.The rules are specified in the XML specification in section 3.3.3 Attribute-Value Normalization.Here is the gist of the rules: Without getting into what the CDATA type is, by default, with no DTD, attribute values are treated as CDATA, so the last white space collapsing rule above doesn’t apply.

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The document contains some white space that delimits various aspects of the XML syntax.When the white space is part of the XML syntax, it is discarded by XML parsers and not passed on to processing applications.

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